let's talk about boys on Mon 11/25/19

Chris moon 3rd sit in

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Ross From Friends The Knife Family Portrait
Steve Monite Only You NA
Kid Smoko Closure NA
Greentea Peng Mr. Sun NA
Danny Brown uknowhatimsayin? uknowhatimsayin? Warp Records
Santa Sabbath Sled in the SKy Children of the Sleigh
Sudan Archives Black Vivaldi Sonata Athena Stones Throw
Liv Deluxe Lost Connection NA
Battles Fort Greene Park Juice B Crypts Warp Records
Warm Body Joshua Malilay NA Na
Patti In Some Ways Yes Good Big
JPEGMAFIA Beta Male Strategies All My Heroes Are Cornballs EQT Recordings
Jae Luna Crosshairs (Demo) NA NA

let's talk about boys

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Music you listen to at your post semi-formal 6th grade dance sleepover.
Surf Punk