Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 11/26/19

Episode 78 Black Phillip

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Fuming Mouth Out of the Shadows The Grand Descent Triple-B Records
Scorched Bodies Collect Ecliptic Butchery 20 Buck Spin
Spawn of Possesion Sworm of the Formless Cabinet Unique Leader Records
Pig City Wealth Management Terminal Decline To live a lie
Bea$ters Dysgenic Dissolution Alienated by Solidarity Nerve Altar
Durry Tickin up a storm Durry/Dog Split Stocked Records
First Days of Humanity Facial Muscles Torn Off Extinction
Bonetar Midline Shift Demo Brutal Cave Production
Unnatural Graveside Cursed Dismal Fate Records
Leprophiliac Destined to Ritualistic Sacrifice Caskets of Flesh Dismal Fate Records
Sepolcro Amorphous Mass Amorphous Mass Dismal Fate Records
Laceration Crown of thorns Scabs Demo 1992
Execresent Suffocated by Entrails Suffocated by Entrails
Fulci Apocolypse Zombie Tropical Sun Time to Kill Records
Vomit Forth Inherent Laceration Inherent Laceration
Horrendous Reanimated Sweet Blasphemies Dark Descent
Deathrune Undead Ways Those who Choose the Fallen Dark Blasphemies Records
Infrahumano Thousand Eyes Thousand Eyes
Urdun Morbid Funeral Ritual Horror and Gore Demo
Igor Mortis Rotten to the Gore Demo 2018
Witch Vomit Despoilment Buried Deep in a Bottomless Grave 20 Buck Spin
Fetid Consumed Periphary Steeping Corporeal Mass 20 Buck Spin

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