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Music bed: Best of Django Reinhardt

Artist Title Album New Local
Herb Moore Wen Also Found Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8: The Private Press
Claire Hamill The Phoenix One House Left Standing
Fairport Convention Who Knows Where the Time Goes Unhalfbricking
Bill Fay Maxine's Parlour Bill Fay
Bert Jansch Bittern Avocet
Mount Eerie W/Julie Dorion Real Lost Wisdom Lost Wisdom pt. 2
The Raw Herbs Hopelessly The Raw Herbs
Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch Final Initiation An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil
The Good Ones Despite It All I Still Love You, Dear Friend Rwanda, You Should Be Loved
All the Daughters Sleepyhead Single
Team Dresch My Voice Choices, Chances, Changes
The Tripps Crystal Palace On the Waterfront
Unclaimed Diamonds Story Slab First 5 Slabs
Boris Away From You Love & Evol
Black Marble Call Bigger Than Life
Decade Conquistador Diva divA
Chromatics The Wall Closer to Grey
Grey Area Melancholia Anatomy of Coincidence
Ad Astra A&R Subtle Hints
Geneva Jacuzzi Volcano Secret Demos
Craig Sibley You See Art, I See Clay The Up Another Octave Transmission
The Fans Dangerous Goodbyes Cars & Explosions / Dangerous Goodbyes
Trem Colour Vision My Robotic Friend

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