Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 12/3/19

79 "You'll Get What You Deserve!"

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Mortal Wound Burning Sulphur Forms of Unreasoning Fear Maggot Stomp
Outer Heaven Bloodspire Realms of Eternal Decay Relapse Records
Sathanas Cult of Blood Nightrealm Apocalypse Pagan Records
Ossuary Over Her Dead Body Over Her Dead Body Demo 1992
Subconscious Wings of Darkness Torid Inhumation 1992
Sapremia Plague of Minds Subconscious Rot Demo 1992
Necrot Empty Hands Blood Offerings Tank Crimes
Phrenelith Crawling Shadows Slithering Tongues Desolate Endscape Dark Descent Records
Funebarum Perish Beneath The Sleep of Morbid Dreams Cyclone Empire
Gatecreeper Mastery of Power Sweltering Madness
Undeath Enhancing the Dead Sentient Autolysis Caligari Records
Triumvir Foul Tyrannical Chains of Flesh Spiritual Bloodshed Invictus Productions
Contaminated No Time to Rot Final Man Blood Harvest
Spearhead Kshatriya Theomachia Agonia Records
Heresiach Harbinger Death Ordinance Dark Descent Records
Thy Art is Murder I'll Show you God Infinite Death EP Skull and Bones Records
Incantation Lus Sepulcri Profane Nexus Relapse Records

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