Slapbox on Wed 12/4/19

Artist Title Album New Local
Depeche Mode Breathing In Fumes Stripped
The Screaming Blue Messiahs Bikini Red Elektra
Lagwagon Surviving California Railer
Sleep House Don't You Cry Don't You Cry
Juice Audrey Tell Me Audrey Tell Me - Single
nine three five three East of Sudan 9353
Unclaimed Diamonds Scream Slab The First Five Slabs
Christian Hansen & the Autistics You, Me, Him and Us Power Leopard
The Black Seeds One By One Into The Dojo
Feet Good Richard's Crash Landing What's Inside Is More Than Just Ham
Operators Faithless Radiant Dawn
Depeche Mode Dreaming Of Me Catching up with Depeche Mode
Three Mile Pilot On a Ship to Bangladesh Three Mile Pilot
Stella Donnelly Old Man Beware of the Dog
Mimico New Haze Hi-Action
Bert Jansch Kingfisher Avocet
Fine Art Motives Scan
The Equators Age Of 5 HOT
Mcbaise She's a Big Boy She's a Big Boy
Jack Stauber's micropop Baby Hotline Baby Hotline - Single
Men I Trust Norton Commander (Album V) Oncle Jazz


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