Malthusian Blues on Sun 12/8/19

Music during mic breaks - Rent Romus' Lord of Outland - "25 Years Under the Mountain" (Edgetone Records)

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Teebs Shells Anicca Brainfeeder
Shana Falana In the Land Darkest Light Arrowhawk
Boris In the Pain(t) Love & Evol Third Man Records
Unrest Nation Writer Isabel ep 4AD
Iggy Pop I'm Bored New Values Arista
Jeffrey Lewis LPs Bad Wiring Don Giovanni
Twin Peaks Casey's Groove Lookout Low Grand Jury
Buzzcocks Lipstick Single Going Steady IRS
New Rock Syndicate Magical Girl Now Kasumuen
Guided By Voices Ego Central High Sweating the Plague GBV Inc.
Corridor Topographe Junior Sub Pop
Nick Cave Fireflies Ghosteen Self Released
Moor Mother Repeater Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes Don Giovanni
Deer Wailing Wood There's No Future Self Released
Jack Rose Untitled Part 1 Untitled Part 1 & 2 Tequila Sunrise
William St Hugh Red Sun Rise Saturnus Self Released
Negativland Discernment True False Seeland
Divided State Shaman of Static Motion Spurious Emissions Edgetone Records
CIA Debutante The Landlord The Landlord Siltbreeze
Bunny Brains On the Floor Again 7" Self Released
Spray Paint Squeaker's Theme Into the Country 12XU
Priors Call for You Call for You 7" Slovenly
Screaming Females Zoo of Death Singles Too Don Giovanni
The Double Dawn of the Double Dawn of the Double In The Red

Malthusian Blues

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The very latest in slow Malthusian Blues.