Flaming Arrow on Thu 12/19/19

Artist Title Album New Local
mogwai i love you, i'm going to blow up your school
square peg round hole ran in red
jeff the brotherhood dark energy
Negativland silent win
Timelost i know cemetaries
beak when we fall
Timelost cryptorchid
Negativland cadillac
timelost lysergic days
Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band elf curse
flirts surfs up
violent femmes children of the revolution
Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band seahorse retreat
poe playboys of edinburg
turtles rugs of wood & flowers
poe automatic writing
hawkwind orgone accumulator
Rent Romus' Lords of Outland ape of god
Devendra Banhart love song
helios creed late bloomer
guerilla toss plants
tom tom club genius of love
guerilla toss what would the odd do?
Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band sing a song of satan
wuf ticket ya mama
frank zappa disco boy
gary's gang keep on dancin
moon unit zappa valley girl
omni blunt force
levitation stars speak softly

Flaming Arrow

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The equinox sun rises like a flaming arrow.