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Artist Title Album New Local
Dave Evans Rosie The Words In Between
Sandy Bull No Deposit, No Return Blues E Pluribus Unum
New Rock Syndicate Intermission Now
Big Star Kanga Roo 3rd
Kevin Coyne Learn to Swim, Learn to Drown Bursting Bubbles
Chris Spedding Video LIfe Guitar Grafitti
The Roseships Sad As Sunday I Shouldn't Have to Say / Sad As Sunday 7"
Bubblegum Splash Plastic Smile Splashdown EP
Dressy Bessy Just Like Henry Pink Hearts Yellow Moons
Patti Unlike feat. Jazz Adam Good Big
Dark Thoughts Scan the Radio Must Be Nice
UT Song Live at ICA London 1984
Daniel Higgs Living In the Kingdom of Death Ancestral Songs
The Good Ones The Farmer Rwanda, You Should Be Loved
Peter Lang Snow Toad The Thing at the Nursery Room Window
Peter Lang Muggy Friday The Thing at the Nursery Room Window
Bert Jansch Bittern Avocet
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band Tomorrow Might As Well Be Today All Time Present

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