Where's the remote? on Wed 1/8/20

Artist Title Album New Local
Mono No Aware Pataphysics of the Unconscious The Shape of Your Head
Cities Aviv -Blurred- "Raised For A Better View"
Helvetia Keep Digging Fantastic Life
ARTHUR Ivy League Woof Woof
Avey Tare When You Left Me Eucalyptus
Sound of Ceres Pursuer NEWNOW
Stereolab Stereolab Peng!
The Gun Club The Breaking Hands Mother Juno
Fabric X Demo 2019
Kero Kero Kero PUYO eX-Girl
Kero Kero Kero The Revenge of Kero Kero eX-Girl
Josef K Radio Drill Time single version
Luke Temple Empty Promises Both - And
CIA Debutante The Landlord Fisherman
Baltic Noise A Death Wish Made single
Lightning Bolt Assasins Wonderful Rainbow
Blackplate Sliding Everyday is Sadderday
Snakefinger The Model Chewing Hides the Sound
Dead Ghosts Rocky Said Can't Get No
Mexican Slum Rats Bad Girls Club L.A.R.C.
Meth Wax Invocation Meth Wax
Gnarcissists Caught in the Webb
Blivet Muave Muave
Dark thoughts No More Soul Dark Thoughts
Enjoy Smooth (R3mix) Legacy
Puzzle Captivating Individual X Hail

Where's the remote?

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