Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Fri 1/10/20

I fell in a creek over winter break :(

Artist Title Album New Local
Steve Reich It's Gonna Rain, Pt. 1(1965) Works 1965-1995
Le Loup Le Loup (Fear Not) The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly
Beach Fossils Adversity What a Pleasure
Linda Perhacs Chimacum Rain Parallelograms
The Good Ones Please Come Back to Me RWANDA, You Should Be Loved
David Byrne Tiny Apocalypse Grown Backwards
The Lounge Lizards Bob the Bob Voice of Chunk
François de Rouabix Piti Piti Pas L'Homme Orchestra
Anna Meredith Paramour FIBS
Battles Ambulance Juice B Crypts
Brazilian Girls St. Petersburg New York City
Lily Chao Tea Plucking and Catching Butterflies Chinese Folk Songs
levitation room Ooh Child Headspace
Alex Izenberg To Move On Harlequin
Bernice Glue Puff: In the Air Without A Shape
Michael Gira Blind Swans Related Projects 1995
Richard Shirk The Goal Keeps Moving Arcadia
Soul Survivors Expressway (To Your Heart) - single version When the Whistle Blows, Anything Goes
Erasmo Carlos Vida Antiga Sonhos E Memoria - 1941 / 1972
Matthew Squires The Sentinel Visions of America
Orange Juice Blue Boy The Glasgow School
Dirty Projectors Just From Chevron Swing Lo Magellan
Key & Cleary Dog's Delight Love is the Way
Square Peg Round Hole Smokescreen Branches
K. C. Accidental Them (Pop Song #3333) Anthems for the Could've Been Pills
Broken Social Scene Almost Crimes You Forgot It In People
Steve Reich It's Gonna Rain, Pt. II (1965) Works 1965-1995

Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals

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With rich harmonies, orchestral arrangements, and obscure instruments, this is the pop and rock music you listen to when you want to feel smart and cultured, but can’t quite do Beethoven.
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