Bad Girls Gone Good on Mon 1/13/20

TK covers the second hour from 3pm-4pm!

Artist Title Album New
SRNDR The Fate The Fate
Jaguar Sun Forever and More Forever and More
Duster Copernicus Crater Duster
RALPH TV Loverboy Loverboy
Teebs Shells Anicca
Awesome New Republic Parachute the Movie All Party Talks
Derde Verde Have You Felt It? Slow Light
Mountain Movers Deep in the Valley Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere
Kate Teague The Spill Kate Teague
Snow Caps Heliotrope Don't Take Me Back
Dreamin' Wild Be My Hero Heaven in Thirty-Eleven
Baseball Greg Cyber Gifts
eX-Girl The Revenge of Kero Kero Kero! Kero! Kero!
Tom Wilson Kellett It's Only You I Talk to All Day It's Only You I Talk to All Day
Glass Beach bedroom community the first glass beach album
Origami angel 24 Hr Drive-Thru 24 Hr Drive- Thru
Oliver Houston Tough Love Whatever Works
Origami Angel Find your throne 24 Hr Drive- Thru
Prince daddy & The Hyena Brothers Trying Times Cosmic Thrill Seekers
PUP See you at Your Funeral Morbid Stuff
Hakushi Hasegawa Desert Morbid Stuff
Arigarnon Friends Come Back Boy to Man
Their/They're/Therapy Their/They're/Therapy Their/They're/Therapy
Ovlov Really Bees Am
Guerilla Toss What would the Odd do? What Would The Odd Do?
Corridor Junior Junior
Omni Sincerely Yours Networker
Omni Courtesy Call Networker
Duster Letting Go Duster

Bad Girls Gone Good

Monday 2-4pm
Thursday 12-2pm
Friday 12-2pm
Friday 10am-12pm
Are you a baddie on the outside but a softie on the inside? Well welcome to that cinematic scene where you are driving into the sunset with your friends heading to whatever your destination is.