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Artist Title Album New Local
Max Ochs Raga Contemporary Guitar Spring 1967
Billy Faier Longhorn Express Banjo
Arvid Burman Smith Jr. Carnival la Costa Rica Contemporary Slide Guitar
Ted Hawkins Don't Make Me Explain It Happy Hour
Marva Parker & Joe McPhee Brother to Brother Brother to Brother
Charlie Megira Dunkel Party Tomorrow's Gone
Chained Bliss Human Again Stained Red Promo
The Cool Greenhouse Cardboard Man Crap Cardboard Pet
Qlowski Needle Pure As Fear
Happy Mondays Tart Tart Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Hour Party People Plastic Carnt Smile (White Out)
The Flamin' Groovies You Tore Me Down Shake Some Action
The Spongetones (My Girl) Maryanne Torn Apart
Wild Flowers of America Summer Romance Lost in the Salvation Army
The Chefs 24 Hrs 24 Hours
Heavenly Cool Guitar Boy Heavenly vs. Satan
Screaming Females I Do Singles Too
The Softies Excellent Winter Pageant
The Orchids The Perfect Reprise Striving for the Lazy Perfection
Minny Pops Time Sparks in a Dark Room
The Chameleons Don't Fall Script of the Bridge
Duster Lomo S/T
Battles Ambulance Juice B Crypts
Pink Turns Blue Walk Away If Two Worlds Kiss

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