Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 1/14/20

83: Worldwide Funeral

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Intro-The Altar Cartilage Cartilage
Intestine Baalism Blasphemy Resurected An Anatomy of the Beast
Gorement The Memorial The Ending Quest
Bones Blight Upon Sodom Awaiting Rebirth Blood Harvest Records
Conduit of Chaos Erase Humanity Only Death is Real Demo (2020) Red Door Records
Plague Portal Into Reality Portraits of Mind Redefining Darkness
Defiled Divide n Conquer Infinite Regress Season of Mist
Hot Graves Ruination Supremacy Haunted Graves EP
Malignant Set in Flesh Purity through Putrefication Sewer Rot Records
Purveyers of Sonic Doom Rot Covered Gold Eyeless Void
Mindloss Entrails of Centuries Past Dimensions of Infinite Horro
Terrorthrone Meat Bonedust and Gorelust
Incarnated Contorted with Fear Spiritual Embodiment Demo (1993)
Cepaluss The Sacrificial Feast Death Fantasies Rise
Decomposed At Rest Hope Finally Died...
Desultory Depression Into Eternity
Disgrace And Below Lies Eternity Grey Misery
Phlegethon The Brethren in Provenance Visio Dei Beatifica (Demo) 1989
Mythic Lament Configuration Mourning in the Winter Solstice
Chthonian Ill Of Beatings and the Silence Between
Sacthu Ecuelo GRIND SERIES
Ominous Expulsion of Liquified Tissue Sneezing Pus merch Toutes Les Couleurs de la Cacophonie Humorale
Gastroptosis Delicious Meat Demo Delicious Meat Demo
First Days of Humanity Poisoned During Attempts at Foraging CAVES
Scorched Blood Splatter Eclipse Ecliptic Butchery
Evil Corpse Poser Slaughter Awakening The Slaughter (Full Demo)
Posthumous Regurgitation Mass of Unwilling Organ Donors Glorification of Medical Malpractice
Tartarus Horde Incantations of Dissident Tongues Tartarus Horde
Vomit Forth Inherent laceration Northeastern Derpivation Maggot Stomp
Vivisect Prison Planet Prison Planet
Godhead Unspoken Madness Malevolent apostasy
Dissection Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrorq The Past is Alive (the Early Mischeif)
Celestial Sanctuary Wretched Habits Mass Extinction (Demo) 2019
Putrid Evocation Morbid Sacrilegious Echoes of Death
Feral Horrendous Sight Flesh For Funerals Eternal
Filthdigger The Living Dead Defied Mummified
Death Yell Cries of the Nazerene Descent into Hell
Mercyless Traveling through a Strange Emotion Coloured Funeral

Double Hockey Sticks

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