Where's the remote? on Wed 1/15/20

Artist Title Album New Local
Collider Inept -><-
Corridor Agent double Junior
Them Airs Tunxis Vallley Echo Park Bomb City
Pulsr crosseyed unreleased
Unwound Rising Blood s/t
The Garden Clench To Stay Awake single
This Heat Horizontal Hold s/t
Don Caballero Room Temperature Suite What Burns Never Returns
Jepeto Solutions Silver Bells s/t
Duster Ghoulish s/t
Pulgas Going At It Again Open To Most Things
Resavoir Plantasy s/t
Charlie Magira Tomorrow's Gone Tomorrow's Gone
Helvetia What Have You Heard? Fantastic Life
DIIV Acheron Deciever
Human Adult Band Silver Violence Hearing Damage Sessions
Omni Moat Networker
Field Music Between Nations Making A New World
Geoffery Landers Say You'll Say So 1 by 1
King Krule (Don't Let The Dragon) Draag On single
Dean Blunt LUSH Black Metal
Dick Stusso Well Acquainted In Heaven
Logan 5 Play the Part s/t

Where's the remote?

Derek H
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