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Artist Title Album Label New Local
Bukka White World Boogie Midnight Blue / World Boogie 1964
Eugene Rhodes Step It Up and Go Talkin' About My Time 1962
Michael Chapman The Aviator Fully Qualified Survivor 1970
The Waterboys We Will Not Be Lovers Fisherman's Blues 1988
The Feelies Tomorrow Today The Good Earth 1986
The Shivas Start a Fire Dark Thoughts 2020
Cleaners From Venus Ghosts in Doorways In the Golden Autumn 1983
Charlie Megira The Valley of Tears Tomorrow's Gone 2019
Tuxedomoon Time to Lose Suite En Sous-Sol/Time To Lose/Short Stories 1982
The Pastels Truck Train Tractor Up for a Bit with The Pastels 1987
The Go-Betweens Apology Accepted Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express 1986
Big Thief Forgotten Eyes Two Hands 2019
Magnolia Electric Co. The Dark Don't Hide It What Comes After the Blues 2005
The Stone Roses Bye Bye Bad Man The Stone Roses 1989
Dean Blunt 100 Black Metal 2014
Mountain Movers Deep in the Valley Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere 2011
The Bats Tragedy Daddy's Highway 1987
Belle & Sebastian The State I Am In Tigermilk 1999
Stereolab Super Falling Star Peng! 1992
Fabric X Demo Demo 2020
Disturbed Furniture Information Information / Alors Allez 1981
Rose Cologne Daddy Says S/T 2019

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