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Artist Title Album Label New Local
John Renbourn The Black Balloon The Black Balloon 1979
Robert Pete Williams Don't the Moon Look Lonesome Don't the Moon Look Lonesome 1966
Jack Rose Kensington Blues Kensington Blues 2005
Frank Hovington You Rascal You Frank Hovington: Gone With The Wind 1975
Tom Rush Urge for Going The Circle Game 1968
Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker Self Blind Son Little Common Twist 2020
Amy Annelle Buckskin Stallion Blues The Great Unveiling 2012
The Good Ones The Farmer Rwanda, You Should Be Loved 2019
Michael Hurley Hog of the Foresaken Long Journey 1977
Eli Wali 20 of May Tiris 2020
Rabbit Muse Kero Street Blues Sixty Minute Man 1977
Mayo Thompson Horses Corky's Debt to His Father 1970
The Shifters Captain Hindsight The Shifters 2015
The Double Dawn of the Double Dawn of the Double 2016
Product Placement Suspended Copper Product Placement 2017
Tyvek 34th/Market Changing Patterns of Protective Coating 2019
Tyvek We're Back Changing Patterns of Protective Coating 2019
The Clean Draw(in)g To A (W)hole Vehicle 1990
Screaming Females Cortez the Killer Singles Too 2019
The Beta Band Dry the Rain The Three E.P.'s 1998
Paul Geremia Come Back Baby Hard Life Rockin' Chair 1973
Scapper Blackwell Cherry Indianapolis Jump 1977
Frank Hurricane Life Is Spiritual Life Is Spiritual 2019
Charlie Megira Smile Now, Cry Later Tomorrow's Gone 2019
Nancy & Lee Some Velvet Sidewalk Nancy & Lee 1968

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