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Artist Title Album Label New Local
Leo Kottke Watermelon 6 and 12-String Guitar 1969
Tom Ashley, Doc Watson, Clint Howard, etc. Coo-Coo Bird Old Time Music At Clarence Ashley's - Part 2 1962
Michael Chapman Life on the Ceiling Life on the Ceiling 1979
Charlie Tweddle Rainbow Girl Knee Deep Blues 2015
Fred McDowell Freight Train Blues Roots Of The Blues 1959
King Kong Ding Dong Distant Drums Youth Culture Index 2009
Olatunji Eyanu Drums ! Drums ! Drums ! 1971
Stefan Christensen Commute Nobody Knows This Is Somewhere 2020
The Byrds Draft Morning The Notorious Byrd Brothers 1968
Fairport Convention Tale In Hard Time Fairport Convention 1969
Douglas Ecker With Joyce Desmarais, Lorraine Lee, Rick Lee and Bob McQuillen Waltzing Matilda More Path Rent 1976
Miracle Legion Mr. Mingo Surprise Suprise Surprise 1987
Yung Wu Big Day Shore Leave 1987
Charlie Megira Freak Junior Tomorrow's Gone 2019
Milk Music Twists & Turns & Headtrips Mystic 100's 2017
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Future Self All In Good Time 2019
eX-Girl Hao Hao Kero! Kero! Kero! 1999
Dan Deacon Become A Mountain Mystic Familiar 2020
Rays Theatre Of Lunacy Rays 2017
The Chills Satin Doll Kaleidoscope 1986
The Stroppies Gravity Is Stern The Stroppies 2017
El Wali The People of El AaiĂșn Tiris 2019

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