Where's the remote? on Wed 2/12/20

Artist Title Album New
Milly Talking Secret single
Field Music I Thought You Were Something Else Making A New World
The Replacements Satellite Don't Sell or Buy It's Crap EP
Unschooling (The Second) Punk Broke Defensive Designs
Mono No Aware Interparents The Shape of Your Head EP
The Reds Whatcha' Doin' To Me s/t
The Sound Unwritten Law Jeopardy
Machine+ Something Next to You Samsara
Mr. Elevator Anywhere Goodbye, Blue Sky
Uriah Heap Sunrise The Magician's Birthday
The Chameleons Swamp Thing Strange Times
Lily Konigsberg I Said single
Phern Excavator Cool Coma
Warm Red Manager The Way Felt Feels EP
Algiers There Is No Year There Is No Year
R.E.M. Wolves, Lower s/t EP
klark sound My Bird Some Winter
Tonstartssbandht Alright God Speed, Mans!
Holy Fuck Luxe Deleter
U-Bahn Turbulent Love s/t
Viriginia Wing Pale Burnt Lake single?
Scottibrains Sustained Threat single
The Nightblooms Go Eliza 7"
Minutemen Tune for Wind God The Politik of Time
Dan Deacon Become a Mountain Mystic Familiar
Merzbow Side A Flare Gun

Where's the remote?

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