Partly Cloudy covered by LSD on Wed 2/19/20

Covering for Dominick

Background music is Earnie by Wilma Vritra

Artist Title Album New
Yves Jarvis Sugar Coated The Same But By Different Means
Floral Tattoo She You Can Never Have a Long Enough Headstart
Alton Separate
Palace Have Faith So Long Forever
Kirby Kool Aid Sis.
Bren Joy, Landon Sears Sweet Twenties
Sword II Master Plan Between II Gardens
Enter Shikari {The Dreamer's Hotel}
Mamock Dirty Shoes Itch
M.A.G.S. Lt. Headed S/T
Beddy Rays Kicked
Claire Young All I Ask Prawns Have Feelings Too
Pity Party (Girls Club) Someone Like U
Hovvdy Cathedral Heavy Lifter
Orville Peck Turn To Hate Pony
Brotherkenzie, Samia Utah
Diet Cig Night Terrors
Deal Casino Robin Hood

Partly Cloudy

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