Flaming Arrow on Thu 2/20/20

Artist Title Album New
Frayle intro/1692
blues magoos pipe dreams
the garden stallion
bubble puppy hot smoke and sassafrass
cynamatics of sal.via sounds of stars/docstarr77
jo jo gunne run run run
mr elevator bamboo forest
mr elevator anywhere
darksoft cryptolocker
brewer and shipley oh mommy
amboy dukes mississippi murderer
aurthur brown rest cure
grand funk good and evil
the attack lady orange peel
the faces your so rude
the faces up the wooden hills
cheap trick house is rockin with domestic problems
tintern abbey vacuum cleaner
chipmunks crazy little thing called love
janus grave digger
Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band dosing the president
wolf parade out of control
jeff the brotherhood heavy days
wolf parade static age
Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band elf curse
savage republic tabula rasa
darksoft mydoom
death and vanilla vespertine
espers dead queen
mr elevator brobdingnag
timelost nausea curtains
future crib lemon cake
east of eden northern hemisphere

Flaming Arrow

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The equinox sun rises like a flaming arrow.