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Artist Title Album Label New Local
Perry Lederman One Kind Favor The World Is Not My Home 1995
Robert Pete Williams The New Talking Angola Blues Sugar Farm 1972
Jo Ann Kelly with John Fahey Stacking Feet Blues Jo Ann Kelly with John Fahey, Woody Mann, John Miller 1972
Elkhorn Electric One The Storm Sessions 2020
Moriarty Jimmy Gee Whiz but This Is a Lonesome Town 2007
HMLTD The Ballad of Calamity James West of Eden 2020
The Be Good Tanyas For the Turnstiles (Neil Young) Hello Love 2006
Palmer McAbee McAbee's Railroad Piece Great Harp Players 1927-30 1983
Norman Blake Ajamina Old & New 1975
Yorkston*Thorne*Khan Waliyan Da Raja Navarasa: Nine Emotions 2020
Judee Sill Jesus Was a Cross Maker Judee Sill 1971
Illes Komm, Geh Mit Mir Wo Ist Julia / Komm, Geh Mit Mir 1972
Cornershop We're in Yr Corner When I Was Born For the 7th Time 1997
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Transparent Day Part One 1967
Bobby Fuller Four Let Her Dance I Fought the Law 1965
McCoys Hang on Sloopy WFIL Pop Oldies Explosion 1967
White Fence Allison Road Lagniappe Sessions, Vol. 1 2016
Thigh Master Exodus Split 7" w/ Dag 2018
Gun Outfit Your Will On The Beach 2008
Primal Scream Thought An Hour of Eloquent Sounds 1982
Psychic TV Just Like Arcadia Allegory and Self 1988
Poppy Snakes of New Jersey Hand in the Lion's Mouth 2020
The Jesus and Mary Chain Down on Me Darklands 1987
Verlaines C.D. Jimmy Jazz & Me Bird Dog 1988
Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun demo 1995
Laurie Anderson From the Air Big Science 1982

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