Partly Cloudy on Wed 2/26/20

first hour all new music babeeeeeeyyyy! 2020 only!!!
second hour is Kiva's third-sit in, look out for her show next term!

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Yves Tumor Gospel For a New Century Single Warp Records
HMLTD 149 West of Eden Lucky Number Music Ltd.
HMLTD The West is Dead West of Eden Lucky Number Music Ltd.
The Garden Clench to Stay Awake Single Epitath Records
CLIFFFS Undone Panic Attack State Fair
Public Practice Compromised Single Wharf Cat Records
Them Airs Wade/Cull Union Suit XL Self-Released
Silverbacks Drool Single Nice Swan Records
Talk Show Stress Single Council Records
Pottery Texas Drums Pt I & II Single Partisan Records
King Krule Stoned Again Man Alive! True Panther Sounds
King Krule Comet Face Man Alive! True Panther Sounds
Shady Nasty AA Bad Posture Royal Mountain Records
Wasted Shirt All Is Lost Single Famous Class
Bib Laugh Track Delux Pop Wig Records
----------------- here is where kiva's sit-in starts -----------------
Rendez Vous Euroshima Distance
Ex Cult Shade of Red Ex Cult
Darksoft Mydoom
Profligate Enlist
W.H. Lung Inspiration! Incidental Music
Sean Henry The Cars A Jump From The High Dive
Boy Harsher Yr Body Is Nothing Yr Body Is Nothing
Darkwing Endo Lameonia
Them Airs Wade/Cull Union Suit XL
Elkhorn Electric One (part c) The Storm Sessions
Spray Paint Cleaning Your Gun Into the Country
The Ire Torch Song DEMO
Mammock Dirty Shoes Itch
Wet Hair Echo Lady In Vogue Spirit

Partly Cloudy

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