Flaming Arrow on Thu 2/27/20

Artist Title Album New Local
Naked six song of the city
shopping bodyclock
naked six poison apple
mike kroll left for dead
square peg round hole heart, pounding
shopping initiative
big black racer x
cliffs panic attack
wah wah watson bubbles
cliffs undone
of montreal the past is a grotesque animal
dan deacon become a mountain
wolf parade as kind as you can
darksoft eternal blue
of montreal eros entropic tundra
wolf parade fall into the future with me
cold beat flat earth
mr elevator sylvia
elf power leopards teeth
mr elevator patterns
pink cigs devils grip
northern liberties hero rat
northern liberties end of the world
contra party help yourself
anti flag hate conquers all
pink cigs low blow
subhumans thought is free
anti flag resistence frequencies
contra party 7 hours
anti flag christian nationalist
applesauce tears our toothbrushes no longer touch
cliffs i might try psychics
applesauce tears space divorce
applesaucetears stargaze you caveman

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The equinox sun rises like a flaming arrow.