Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 3/3/20


Artist Title Album New Local
Morbid Angel Dawn of the Angry Dominate
Cannibal Corpse A Skull Full of Maggots Eaten Back to Life
Deterioration Ipecac Sneak Attack The Unnatural Mind
Putrefactor Dismebowled Symptoms of Societal Rot
Needle Extinction Blast
Invidiousus Macrodose split w/ L.P.P.
Lurid Panacea Cranial Stew
Outer Heaven Totured Winds Realms of Eternal Decay
Na'kay Gnawed Afterthought
Internal Rot Orbiting Flesh Grieving Brith
Mortician Intro/Mortal Massacre Mortal Massacre
Mortify Stinking Grave Stench of Swedish Buzzsaw
Spectral Voice Ineffable Winds Anhedonist/Spectral Voice
Foul Decay Mass Vortex of a Rotting Dimension Sullied as they are by Rot and Decay
Vivisect Rat Torture Vivisect EP
Triumvir Foul Urine of Abomination III Urine of Abomination
Saprogenic Removing a Phantom Limb Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs
Posthumous Regurgitation Ingestion of Fetid Afterbirth Exhumation of Cadavers for Research and Consumption
Cryptual Masks The Tombs of Mysery
Hyperdontia Malicious Concept A Vessel Forlorn
Convulse Resucitation of Evilness A World Without God
Mudlung Sherbet Flying An Angel
Septicemic Kallara B
Carnal Decimate Existence Mutilated Existence Mutilated Demo 1995
Sentient Horror Obsessive Killing Disorder Morbid Realms
Ixias Cold Fist of the Sloth split w/ Neckbreather
Cokskar Side A
Gutsack Pestilential Buildup of Necrotic Membrane Cleansed In Visceral Waste
Frozen Soul Merciless Encased in Ice
Carnal Decimate Destruction Breeding Chaos Existence Mutilated Demo 1995

Double Hockey Sticks

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An enriching music primer series designed to showcase whats new in metal. hand picked/locally sourced/straight from heck.
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