Partly Cloudy on Wed 3/4/20

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Mush Eat the Etiquette 3D Routine Memphis Industries (2020)
Egyptian Blue Never Single Yala! Music (2020)
Do Nothing Fits Single Exact Truth (2020)
Mechanical Canine Absent Good Photography Fire Hazard Records (2020)
Club Music Beyond New Beat Beyond New Beat Chicago Research (2020)
Multiple Man Slow Code New Metal DKA Records (2017)
Dreams Cutting Teeth Beacon of Power Pinkman (2019)
Kontravoid Turn Away Too Deep Fleisch Records (2019)
Crash Course in Science Jump Over Barrels Near Marineland Schematic Records (2011)
Aiming for Enrike Don't Hassle the Hoff Music for Working Out Pekula Records (2020)
HMLTD Nobody Stays in Love West of Eden Lucky Number Music (2020)
Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats Cosmic.m4a UNLOCKED Loma Vista (2020)
Military Genius L.M.G.D. Single Unheard of Hope (2020)
King Krule Energy Fleets Man Alive! True Panther Sounds (2020)
Mardou Red Lights in the Sky Bitter Energy Wasted Tapes (2019)
Primo! Best and Fairest Single Upset the Rhythm (2020)
School Damage Tall Poppies School Damage Chapter Music (2017)
Shopping Initiative All or Nothing FatCat Records (2020)
Sextile Current Affair Single felte (2018)
No Age Turned to String Single Drag City (2020)
Bruised No Neutral Architechture Rotten Codex Chicago Research (2019)
Blind Seagull Avoiding Nails Self-Released (2019)
Girl Band Lawman The Early Years Rough Trade (2015)
iji In Motion iji Feeding Tube (2020)
Mammock Dirty Shoes Itch Mind the Cat (2020)
Armor Military Discount Some Kind of War Self-Released (2020)
Bib Love, Peace & Poetry Delux Pop Wig (2020)
Soakie Boys on Stage Soakie La Vida Es Un Mus (2020)
No Trend Teen Love Teen Love Self-Released (1983)

Partly Cloudy

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