Flaming Arrow on Thu 3/5/20

Artist Title Album New
mr elevator waiting
savages you are my choco;ate
mr elevator bamboo forest
stonus awake/aphasia
applesauce tears new planet same results
be a lady they said cynthia nixon
shopping body clock
cold beat double sided mirror
grimes scream
sounds of stars occulus rift
applesauce tears last orbit of an orphan
yppah by then it will be too late
hot sugar mayday
cliffs into the salt
chrome static gravity
solex thats what you get from cruises like these
shopping trust in us
applesauce tears use your galaxy voice
boyscouts of destruction 45
boyscouts of destruction frightwig
kraftwerk we are the robots
cliffs tilt
violent femmes gone daddy gone
cliffs panic attack
red kross citadel
wand floating head
pandora worm boy
cold beat flat earth
spacelords frau kuhnkes kosmos spaceflowers
rainbow crimes 001
rainbow crimes bridge of flowers

Flaming Arrow

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The equinox sun rises like a flaming arrow.