Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Fri 3/6/20

When I was little and my parents signed me up for dance classes, they let me pick what genre of dance, and I chose tap dancing because, "it makes noise."

Artist Title Album New Local
Conlon Nancarrow Study for Player Piano No. 6 Conlon Nancarrow: Studies for Player Piano, Vol. II
The Residents Rest Aria Meet the Residents
Kleenex Die Matrosen Liliput
Rose Maddox Wild Wild Young Men Columbia Recordings (1952-1958)
The Snails Haters Be Learners (Respect My Snail Style) Worth the Wait EP
Square Peg Round Hole Fever Dream Branches
Buffy Saint-Marie God Is Alive Magic is Afoot Illuminations
Dub Mentor / Tal Weiss Synaesthesia 4YX
Art Garfunkel Waters of March Breakaway
Elis Regina / Antônio Carlos Jobim Águas De Março Elis & Tom
Os Mutantes Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour s/t
Animal Collective Leaf House Sung Tongs
George McCrae You Can Have It All Rock Your Baby
Purr Avenue Bliss Like New
Karl Blau Fallin Rain Introducing Karl Blau
Smog I Feel Like the Mother of the World A River Ain't Too Much to Love
Le Loup Le Loup (Fear Not) The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly
AJJ Mega Guillotine 2020 Good Luck Everybody
Frog Bones Whatever We Probably Already Had It
Richard Shirk the Goal Keeps Moving Arcadia
Little Wings Laugh Now Magic Wand
French Kicks Sex Tourists Swimming
Pom Pom Squad Red With Love single
Ought Desire Room Inside the World
Michael Hurley Penguins Armchair Boogie
Burt Jansch Kittihawke Avocet
Conlon Nancarrow / Ensemble Modern Studies for Player Piano: Study No. 6 Nancarrow: Studies / Tango / Piece No. 2 / Trio

Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals

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Thursday 7-9am
With rich harmonies, orchestral arrangements, and obscure instruments, this is the pop and rock music you listen to when you want to feel smart and cultured, but can’t quite do Beethoven.
Baroque/Chamber Pop