Malthusian Blues on Sun 3/8/20

Music during mic breaks - Alex Goodman

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Port Juvee Motion Control Motion Control Garment District
Shopping Initiative All or Nothing Fat Cat
Cold Beat Pearls Mother DFA
Death Hags Transmission from Cloud1119 Big Grey Sun #1 Self Released
Applesauce Tears There is more Than One Everything Wonders Black Cottage
Doronco Gumo Gorota Beach Oldtribe Select
The Homesick Leap Year The Big Exercise Sub Pop
Les Rallizes Denudes Field of Artificial Flowers Yodo-go-a-go-go
Bill Nace & Chik White Wild Wire 7" Open Mouth
Slender New Country Time on Earth La Vida es un Mus
King Alfred, Man of Leisure True Colours Hate Mail
Them Airs Burning Participants Union Suit XL Self-released
King Krule Comet Face Man Alive! Matador
Wire Hung Mind Hive State51 Conspiracy
Buckethead Aunt Suzie Cyborg Slunks
Charlie Megira The Girl who was Frightened of Ashtrays Tomorrow's Gone Numero Group
Golf Dolls Poetic Justice Warrior Die Trying UMJAA
Carnivorous Bells Roused from a Slumber in a Feud with Death The Upturned Stone Human Headstone Presents
Poppy Marga Snakes of New Jersey Sister Raygun
Wild Flowers of America Lost in a Salvation Army Lost in the Salvation Army Jac
Coriky Clean Kill Coriky Dischord
Hammered Hulls Written Words S/T Dischord
CLIFFFS Undone Panic Attack State Fair
Really Red Modern Needs
Wire The 15th 154 EMI/Harvest
Wire Strange Pink Flag Emi/Harvest

Malthusian Blues

Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
The very latest in slow Malthusian Blues.