Double Hockey Sticks on Tue 3/10/20


Artist Title Album Label New Local
Intense Hammer Rage Oscar the Grind Deathchunkgoregrind
Sanguisugabogg Cataleptic Rigidity LIVE at Saint Vitus Maggot Stomp
Vomit Forth Immortal Disseverance NORTHEASTERN DEPRIVATION Maggot Stomp
Enraged Youth Cursed With Disbelief Cursed With Disbelief
Separated Forever Cursed Forever Cursed
Vomit Forth Entanglement Live on Rock and Roll Gas Station Maggot Stomp
Vomit Forth Unclaimed Cadaver Live on Rock and Roll Gas Station Maggot Stomp
Necrocide Abhorrent Defilement Vomit Forth Blood
Dismebowel Chuffed Beyond Recognition Echoes of Terror Maggot Stomp
Gore Sanctum Fortifications Of Decayed Remains Realms Of Devastation Sevared Records & Fall Of Eden Records
Fleshmangled Lustrous Contortion Lustrous Contortion
Morbid Tendency Dying Nation Bleeding Demos Wings of Destruction
Zachlapany Szczypior It's time to die mi to piwo Nekrosadomasochistiantrzyszóstkowódochloru
Igor Mortis Rabid Grannies Rabid Grannies
Paingiver Godless Deorum Mortis
Cemetary Filth Churning in the Shadows Dominion Unspeakable Acts Records
Fetid Scum Democracy is Corruption Skullpiercer
Puncture Wound Indiscriminate Slaughter '19 Necroinsemination (Single)
Internal Bleeding Gutted Human Sacrifice Voracious Contempt
FleshFeast Untitled Lost Demo
Grizzly Flesh Track #1 Promo2020
Cystic Bound and Infected Sworn Enemy of Life
Fever Dreams Prehistoric Warfare Demo 2020
Complot! LAssassin Complot! / Primitive Warfare - Split Iron Bonehead Productions
Warp Chamber Abdication of the Mind Abdication of the Mind
Roadside Burial Binge on Blood 3 way split
Oblivionized Abhorrent Evolution Abhorrent Evolution
Feast of Famine Punishment Apex
Afterbirth Impure Conception Psychopathic Embryotomy
Decrypt Looking Through Dark Eyes Transmissions from the Fuckhole
Code of Violence One Death S/T
Nothing is Over Blind Fury Blind Fury Single Sit n Spin Records
Ovary Rot High on Commeradry Non​-​Flesh Scarring

Double Hockey Sticks

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An enriching music primer series designed to showcase whats new in metal. hand picked/locally sourced/straight from heck.
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