Sonic Rendezvous on Wed 3/11/20

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Jim Shepard Party at Fifteenth and Summit Heavy Action ever/never
Vertical Slit Smudge Under The Blood Red Lava Lamp Siltbreeze
Human Adult Band Silver Violence Hearing Damage Sessions Third Uncle
Snakefinger Jinx Live in Melbourne 1981 Secret
eX-Girl Space Mushroom Kero! Kero! Kero! Secret
Airway/Los Angeles Free Music Society A Live at LACE Los Angeles Free Music Society/
Simon Joyner Obituary Heaven's Gate Sing, Eunuchs
Robbie Basho Green River Suite Visions Of The Country by request! for Cookie
Leaf Peepers Mountain Day Lunchtime for Birdy Feeding Tube
Elkhorn Electric 2 Storm Sessions Beyond Beyond is Beyond
Skip Spence I Want a Rock & Roll Band AndOarAgain Columbia
David Nance Negative Boogie Negative Boogie Ba Da Bing
Lantern Spit Fire Summer 2011 EP Mean Streets
Writhing Squares Steely Eyed Missile Man Out of the Ether Trouble in Mind
Horse Lords Wildcat Strike Horse Lords Ehse
Gnawa Halwa Allal Rhabaouine Blanca Li
Eddie Flowers & the Wax Lip Swamp Dub Poke Salad Annie Eddie Flowers & the Wax Lip Swamp Dub Feeding Tube
Tyvek 30th Changing Patterns of Protective Coating Doubles Tapes
Gonks I'm a Gonk Five Things You Didn't Know About the Gonks Rocks In Your Head
Landlords Exogamy Hey! It's a Teenage House Party! Catch Trout
Don Howland Chapter Zero Life Is A Nightmare 12XU
John Fahey Raga Called Pat Days Have Gone By, Vol. 6 Takoma
Charlie Tweddle excerpt Fantastic Greatest Hits Mighty Mouth Music
Fulao musicians I Remember... Experiencing Traditional Music in Taiwan Wind Music
Susan Alcorn/Phillip Greenlief Forest Green Prism Mirror Lens VG+
Heavenly Bodies Lesser Gods Tape 1

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