Dog Daze on Fri 8/21/20

Some phonk, some DnB, some raps...we got all that!

Artist Title Album New Local
Sir Spyro Topper Top
Digga D Woi
Internet Money Lemonade (Instrumental)
Hardy Caprio 9 Lives
Chika U Should
DJ DMD So Real
Conway The Machine Shootin Sideways
Shawn Kemp No Complaints External Files
Jet Age of Tomorrow The Knight Hawk Voyager
Chynna Stupkid
Fauzia Berceuse Fragments
TICKLISH Tom & Jerry Ticklish Reboots Vol. 1
Thinh Yellow Balm FTP002
Ray Keith Renegade
L-Side & MC Fats Steppa Dub
Madlib Soul Right (Instrumental) Bandana Beats
Jazzthetic Relaxation Think Jazzthetic Relaxation
Ramp Daylight
DJ SCREW, Fat Pat, Lil Keke 25 Lighters Freestyle
Dpat Celine Left Unsaid
BG Cash Money Is An Army Chopper City In The Ghetto
Whoarei Mind, Body, & Jazz Nothing
J.LBS Lockdown (Instrumental)
The Alchemist Vodka and Ayahuasca
Earl Sweatshirt ft Maxo Whole World Feet of Clay
The Whole Darn Family 7 Minutes of Funk
Toshiki Kodomatsu Step Into The Light
Zapp & Roger Do It Roger More Bounce To The Ounce
Michael Franks St. Elmo's Fire

Dog Daze

Friday 4-5:30pm
Friday 4-5:30pm
Monday 3-5pm
I got a pack of Black n Milds and a beat CD, get your freestyles ready.