Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 10/5/20

~~OoooOOooOoooOOOooooo ヘ(◕。◕ヘ)OOoooOoOooooOOooOoo~~

~it's the Spector of Octobers past!~

I also went on a week long quest to (finally) acquire my first honeycrisp apples of the season, I just kept on getting the farmer's market hours and days wrong over and over. Now that I've had them, its finally starting to feel like fall :)

Artist Title Album New Local
Ghetto Brothers There Is Something in My Heart Power Fuerza
Brazilian Girls St. Petersburg New York City
Jon Benjamin - Jazz Daredevil Axel F (Theme to Beverly Hill Cop) The Soundtrack Collection
Promise I'm Not Ready for Love Home Schooled: ABCs of Kid Soul
Little Wings Boom! Light Green Leaves
Le Couleur Comme une finds monde Concorde
The Invaders I Was a Fool Louis Wayne Moody High
Alex G Sarah Trick
Iceage Plowing Into the Field of Love Plowing Into the Field of Love
Life Without Buildings The Leanover Any Other City
Young Jesus Pattern Doubt Welcome to Conceptual Beach
The Lounge Lizards Bob the Bob Voice of Chunk
Sandro Perri Wolfman Impossible Spaces
Ohmme Icon Parts
Deradoorian Devil's Market Find the Sun
Rachel Sweet It's So Different Here Fool Around
Jonny Fritz Stone Cold Daddy-O Sweet Creep
Dirty Projectors Holy Mackerel Super João
Papa Razzi & the Photogs Paul Bunyan! What a Big Ol' Lumberjack Giant! I Will Never Stop Singing About Celebrities Because It Is My Calling In Life
D.R. Hooker Forge Your Own Chains The Truth
Lô Borges Aos Barões s/t
The Clientele Harvest Time Bonfires on the Heath
The Afterglows Have to Hide s/t
Mariah Shinzo no Tobira Utakata No Hibi
Judee Sill The Lamp Ran Away With the Crown s/t
Vampire Sound Inc. We Don't Care Vampyros Lesbos
Lawn Playing Dumb Johnny
Xiu Xiu Suha Knife Play

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With rich harmonies, orchestral arrangements, and obscure instruments, this is the pop and rock music you listen to when you want to feel smart and cultured, but can’t quite do Beethoven.
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