Dial Error on Sun 10/18/20

Aaron Muchanic of Blank Spell, Haldol, Soft Torture and World Gone Mad Records (Philadelphia, PA) joins us for a guest DJ set in the first hour, featuring sounds of isolation - all solo artists/solo instrumentation!

Check out World Gone Mad Records: https://worldgonemad.bigcartel.com/ or https://worldgonemadrecords.bandcamp.com/

Archived episode: https://www.mixcloud.com/dialerror/dial-error-w-aaron-muchanic-october-1...

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Anthony Braxton 138B (African Violets) 19 [Solo] Compositions, 1988 New Albion 1989
Wang Xiao 1989, Grand Piece of Dance The Son of Black Horse River WV Sorcerer Prod. 2020
Peter Evans Into the Silence pt. 4 Into the Silence Old Heaven Books 2020
Olivia Neutron-John 16 Beat Cont. Olivia Neutron-John Sister Polygon 2019
Sosena Gebre Eyesus Aser Awetar Sosena Gebre Eyesus Little Axe Records 2018
Leo Suarez The Parting Notes Feliciano Heavy Relatives 2020
Kaoru Abe Winter No. 2 Winter Bootleg 1974
Victor Tsoi Malesh 1987-1990
Scattered Purgatory Wangliang God of Silver Grass WV Sorcerer Prod. 2018
Ifernach The Passage of Dithrabhach The Green Enchanted Forest of the Druid Wizard Tour de Garde 2020
Ahmoudou Madassane Azal N'emgre Zezura Soundtrack Sahel Sounds 2018
Grazhdanskaya Oborona Mne nasrat' na moyo litso Pops GrOb Records 1991
Wang Ziheng Leviathan We, The Fire are One V Sorcerer Prod. 2018
Lao Dan Doppelganger and Immateriality Functioning Anomie WV Sorcerer Prod. 2020
Angel Bat Dawid The Oracle The Oracle 2019
Frankie and the Witch Fingers Urge You Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters... 2020
Lonnie Holley In It Too Deep National Freedom 2020
Bill Fay Camille From the Bottom of An Old Grandfather Clock (A Collection Of Demos And Outtakes 1966-70) 1966 (2004)
Psychic TV The Orchids Dreams Less Sweet 1983
Strawberry Switchblade Trees and Flowers Strawberry Switchblade 1985
Tuxedomoon Time to Lose Suite En Sous-Sol/Time to Lose/Short Stories 1982
Franco Battiato Propiedad Prohibida Clic 1974
Bill Nace Part 8 Both 2020
Snatch Joey Shopping for Clothes 1980
Chrisma C.rock Chinese Restaurant 1977
The Cool Greenhouse Prospects The Cool Greenhouse 2020
Diode Late Stage Solution Diode 2020

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