Dial Error on Sun 10/25/20

It's our Halloween show!

DJ Nick G (St. Louis, Missouri) joins us in the first hour, sharing a set of creepy tales and dark sounds!

Check out Nick's bands:
Freon - https://11pmrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pyk
Shux - https://shuxshuxshux.bandcamp.com/
Mom - https://momstl.bandcamp.com/

Archived episode: https://www.mixcloud.com/dialerror/dial-error-w-nick-goldschmidt-10252020/

Artist Title Album Label Local
Norma Tanega You're Dead Walkin' My Cat Named Dog 1966
Chain Gang Son of Sam Perfumed 1977
Flux of Pink Indians Tube Disaster Neu Smell EP 1981
Screamers 122 Hours of Fear In A Better World 1978 (2001)
Suicide Ghost Rider Suicide 1977
Algebra Suicide Sinister The Secret Like Crazy 1987
No Trend Teen Love Teen Love 7" 1983
Tuxedomoon No Tears Desire 1981
Bauhaus Third Uncle The Sky's Gone Out 1982
Rowland S. Howard and Lydia Lunch Some Velvet Morning Some Velvet Morning 1982
Siouxsie and the Banshees Spellbound Juju 1981
Sonic Youth Pacific Coast Highway Sister Death 1987
The Gun Club The House on Highland Ave. Death Party 1983
Psychic TV White Nights Dreams Less Sweet 1983
Shirley and Dolly Collins Death & the Lady Love, Death and the Lady 1970
Tom Waits What's He Building? Mule Variations 1999
Evil Sword No More Witches No More Witches 2013
Fifth Column Ghost of the Buffalo To Sir With Hate 1986
The Bodysnatchers The Ghost of Vox Continental Peel Session 1980
The Sound Skeletons From the Lion's Mouth 1981
Xmal Deutschland Sickle Moon Viva 1987
Austra Spellwork Feel It Break 2011
Trem My Robotic Friend My Robotic Friend/Colour Vision 7" 1980
Nervous Gender Monsters Music From Hell 1981
Trauma Harness (He's Back) The Man Behind the Mask (Alice Cooper) DEAD AND LOVING IT EP 2013
Roky Erickson Creature With The Atom Brain The Evil One 1981
The Dentists Back to the Grave Some People Are On The Pitch (They Think It's All Over It Is Now!) 1985
Dead Moon Dead Moon Night Unknown Passage 1989

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