Dial Error on Sun 11/1/20

Excited to once again have our most frequent collaborator DJ Anna Nasty (of Olivia Neutron-John) join Dial Error for a special guest set! Anna takes the first hour, sharing a mix of total bangers!

Check out Anna's music here: https://olivianeutron-john.bandcamp.com/album/olivia-neutron-john

Archived episode: https://www.mixcloud.com/dialerror/dial-error-w-anna-nasty-1112020/

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Diseño Corbusier Ritmo 21 El Alma De La Estrella 1986
Pesteg Dred Cold Impressions of Perhaps Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Cowardice 1981 (2010)
The Bloods Button Up Button Up 7" 1982
Tenko Gradual Disappearance Slope - Gradual Disappearance 1987
Minimal Man You! You! Safari 1984
Petticoats Dreams Scaling Triangles comp 1981
A Certain Ratio Knife Slits Water Sextet 1982
SPK Metal Dance Machine Age Voodoo 1984
Scars Antifeelings Unreleased Demo 1978
Bene Gesserit Kidnapping Kidnapping 7" 1982
Die Hausfrauen Midnight Rain Midnight Rain 12" 1981
Kebab Life It’s A Joke Life It's A Joke 7" 1982
Polyphonic Size Ommatidia Pragmatic Songs EP 1980
Saccharine Trust A Human Certainty Paganicons 1981
Donkey Bugs Three Times Fast Ancient Chinese Secrets 2018
Optic Sink Dumb Luck Optic Sink 2020
Gen Pop Concrete PPM66 2020
Pink Plastic & Panties Bla-Bla Bla-Bla / Anger 7" 1980
Snooper Running Music for Spies 2020
BOB The Things That You Do The Things That You Do/Thomas Edison 7" 1980
Lora Logic Martian Man Pedigree Charm 1982
Romeo Void Undercover Kept Benefactor 1982
Fay Ray Contact You Contact You 1982
Mats Oloffsson Rekordmagasinet Life In The Future: Swedish Post-Punk & Synth Wave 79-87 1981 (2011)
Jane Wave :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFNs6uaKHYI 2020
Anna Domino Review East and West 1984
Dolly Mixture Our Tune Everything and More (1978–1984) 1984 (2010)
The Brat Starry Night Attitudes EP 1981
3-D Dois Segundos 3-D/Cobaias 1987
EAT Fly On the Wall That Dirty Roach! 2020
Screaming Sneakers Violent Days Marching Orders 1982

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