The Ghoul Disco on Mon 11/2/20

don't yell at me, I know Halloween's over but show's called The Ghoul Disco so whadyu want from me smh.
Special Guest Tara!
Plz appreciate all these festively named songs that are also very good.

Artist Title Album New Local
Alien Sex Fiend Now I'm Feeling Zombified
Frankie & The Witch Fingers Reaper Mosters Eating People Eating Monsters...
Deep Tissue Delirium Patience or Fear
Selofan Billie Was a Vampire Vitrioli
Sneaks Scorpio on Your Side Happy Birthay
Pink Turns Blue Ghosts Ghost
The Weatherman Poison-Lethal Mix The Black Album According To
Dope Body Mutant Being Mutant Being
Replicant Suffocation Annihilation
Echoberyl Apparition Apparition
Shad Shadows Catch Fear Toxic Behaviors
Screaming Dead Night Creatures No Future Singles Collection
SAULT Scary Times Untitled (Rise)
Part 1 Graveyard Song Funeral Parade
Essaie Pas Depasse par le Fantasme Demain est une autre nuit
Lebanon Hanover Alien Let Them Be Alien
Prudence Your Funeral Strange Memories
Chrome, Ritual Howls In a Dream-Rituel Howls Remix In a Dream
The Wants Fear My Society Container
L.A. Witch Dark Horse Play with Fire
Working Men's Club Teeth Working Men's Club
Neon Lobotomy
Crying Vessel Black Wedding Pleasures for the Wicked
The Ire Torch Song
Geneva Jacuzzi Casket Technophelia
Profligate Mask Too Numb to Know
Women Grey Skies Rarities

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
Monday 6-8pm
anything & everything ghoul-approved