Partly Cloudy on Sun 11/8/20

u know what it is, all from 2020 :)

Artist Title Album Label New Local
TiƱa Growing In Age Positive Mental Health Music Speedy Wunderground
Skegss Under the Thunder Under the Thunder Loma Vista
Courting Popshop! Popshop! Nice Swan
Public Body Naughty On My Bike Naughty On My Bike Self-Released
Them Airs Wade/Cull Union Suit XL Self-Released
Nothing Say Less The Great Dismal Relapse
Disheveled Cuss Generic Song About You Disheveled Cuss Sargent House
Dog Ribs 1 Man Band A Kicked Dog Hollers Self-Released
Smarts Real Estate Agent Who Needs Smarts, Anyway? Feel It
Fat Trout Trailer Park Gold Fat Trout Trailer Park 22Twenty
Yard Act Peanuts Peanuts Zen F.C.
Deradoorian Saturnine Night Find the Sun Anti
Enjoy Southern Story (feat. Cowgirl Clue) Sessions With a Nasty Old Tree Vada Vada
Machine Girl Cyan Hardcore RePropoised Phantasies Self-Released
Clown Core You Are Pregnant Van Self-Released
Clown Core Existence Van Self-Released
Nailbiter Lxd Brace Hand Drawn
Optic Sink Exhibitionist Optic Sink Goner
Sneaks This World Happy Birthday Merge
Reptaliens Do You Know? Wrestling Self-Released
AK/DK Feeds Feeds Little Miss Echo
Girls In Synthesis They're Not Listening Now Here's An Echo From Your Future Own It
USA Nails Character Stop Character Stop Hex
Kobra Confusione Confusione Iron Lung
clipping. Check the Lock Visions of Bodies Being Burned Sub Pop
Open Mike Eagle Sweatpants Spiderman Anime, Trauma and Divorce Auto Reverse
Azymuth, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge Ai Redor Do Samba Azymuth JID004 Jazz Is Dead
Moor Mother Act 1 - Working Machine Circuit City Don Giovanni
Oh Sees Scramble Suit II Protean Threat Castle Face

Partly Cloudy

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