The Ghoul Disco on Mon 11/9/20

November, and I hate the world a little less

Artist Title Album New Local
Special Interest A Depravity Such as This The Passion Of
Art Nouveua The Bodies
Remote/Control Exposure
Kelly Lee Owens Night Inner Song
ночная игротека (Night Game Library?) шоколад (chocolate)
Blackwater Holylight Seeping Secrets Veils of Winter
Kontravoid Undone Undone
Helvetia Echo Location This Devastating Map
Polyverso Antagonista Antagonista
Versari Rose Sous la Peau
No Joy Nothing Will Hurt Motherhood
Iceage White Rune New Brigade
Strukturne Ptice Hramovi Rijecki Novi Val
Uniform Delco Shame
Milliken Chambers Forgotten Lily of the Valley
Loma Given a Sign Don't Shy Away
Like a Motorcycle Swept Out Dead Broke
Lycia A Failure In Flickers
Berlin Express Die Russen kommen The Russians are Coming
Antipole Deco Blue
PAINT Rokc Muzik Rokc Muzik
A Certain Ratio Supafreak ACR Loco
Wry Travel Noites Infinatas
Keluar Vitruem Keluar
Creepoid Baptism Creepoid
Shopping Follow Me All or Nothing
HEALTH Cyperpunk DISCO 4:: PART 1

The Ghoul Disco

Kiva K.
Monday 6-8pm
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