The Morning Brew on Mon 11/16/20

This week on a special episode of The Morning Brew, we talked about the 2020 election! We first talked about the presidential election with our experiences, making predictions*, celebrations, and other prominent points that have happened throughout the week during the most important election with an influx of mail-in voting. Continuing with the theme of the election, we talked about smaller points that have happened across the country such as openly transgender, gay, and queer senators being elected for their selected states, Florida approving of the $15 minimum wage, the Mississippi flag being changed, selected states legalizing recreational marijuana, and Oregon decriminalizing all drugs.

*This episode was recorded before Biden won 309 electoral votes according to The New York Times. At the time of this recording, it was 290-217

LGBTQ Senators:

Mississippi flag change:

Florida $15/hour:

Legalizing marijuana in selected states (focused on New Jersey in this article):

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