Dial Error on Sun 11/22/20

My twin sister Shawn shares a guest set in the first hour! Shawn drums and has drummed in many bands - Snail Mail, Gauche, Nothing Party, The Stranger, Posture and more... most recently doing vox with The YeAsTieS, too!

Listen to The YeAsTieS here: https://theyeasties.bandcamp.com/releases

Archived episode: https://www.mixcloud.com/dialerror/dial-error-w-shawn-durham-11222020/

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Hammer Damage Laugh Automatic Lips / Laugh 1979
The Mentally Ill Padded Cell Gacy's Place 1979
Moron Pus-filled Eyes demo 2018
All Hits Men and Their Work Men and Their Work 2020
Devil's Dildo Butcher Baker ...Makes Me Cum! 2020
Malaria! You You Compiled 2.0 / 1981-84 • Full Emotion 2019
Boys Say Go Serious Cat Easy To Move 1985
Occult Chemistry Fire Occult Chemistry 1980
Beat Rhythm Fashion None In The Universe Four Stars (****) Compilation 1980
Crisis UK 78 Holocaust - U.K. 1981
Good Throb Bag S/T 7" 2012
C.C.T.V. Wind Up Dead 7" Piece Of Paper & Audio Cassette Tape 2016
Die Electric Eels Agitated Agitated / Cyclotron 1978
Neonates Finger Foods Neonates 2013
Mother's Ruin Godzilla Godzilla EP 1979
The Sinatras Happy Feeling Happy Feeling 7" 1981
Heavenly Our Love Is Heavenly Our Love Is Heavenly 7" 1990
Household A New Leaf Elaines 2013
The Byrds My Back Pages Younger Than Yesterday 1967
The Singles Someone That I Knew Someone That I Knew 7" 1981
Midnight Angels I'm Sufferin' I Wish In The Moonlight 1967
The Shadows of Knight Dark Side Gloria / Dark Side single 1966
Buba & the Shop Assistants Something to Do Something to Do 7" 1984
The Flatmates Shimmer Shimmer 12" 1989
Three Hits 5 O'Clock Strum and Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987 1984 (2020)
Scrawl Standing Around Plus, Also, Too 1987
Salem 66 Pony Song Salem 66 12" 1987
Chronophage Siren Far Away The Pig Kiss'd 2020
Astute Palate Loose Wings Astute Palate 2020
Mystery Date Zoom Zoom/Pink Ribbons 7" 1985
Love Tractor Cowboy Songs Love Tractor 1982 (2020)
The Tomboys I'd Rather Fight Than Switch single 1964
Q4U Creeps Q2 1980-1983 1996
Algara Tipos Listos Una Cosa Más Sin Sentido Alguno Usada Para Hacer Rico Al Mismo De Siempre 2020
Beirut, la noche Vomitos Ella de hizo monja 7" 1983
The Funs I Want to Know You Don't Get Put Out By The Drool 2019
Glorious Din Blood Closely Watched Trains 1987
Jane It's a Fine Day It's a Fine Day / Of All Leaves Were Falling single 1983
KGB Treblinka Treblinka 7" 1983
La Misma Kanizadi Kanizadi 2015

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