Dial Error on Sun 12/6/20

Today's show features a guest set in the first hour from Selector Shells (Detroit, MI), who shares a whole bunch of amazing rock music, including some Michigan favorites. Shells is a member of Detroit/Philly band Tyvek, performs solo as Shells annnd plays in rock group XV! You can ALSO check Shells spinning each week on WCBN-FM Ann Arbor, hosting the WCBN Local Music Show (Wednesdays 9-11pm est) and Freaky Friday (Fridays 10am-12pm)!

TYVEK https://tyvek.bandcamp.com/
SHELLS https://ginkgorecords.bandcamp.com/
XV https://thexv.bandcamp.com/album/xv
WCBN-FM Ann Arbor https://wcbn.org/

Archive: https://www.mixcloud.com/dialerror/dial-error-w-selector-shells-1262020/

Artist Title Album Label New Local
The Slits In The Beginning 45 Rough Trade 1980 (London UK)
Cheri Knight Primary Colors (excerpt) Regional Zeal: Mouth Music From Olympia compilation Palace of New Lights 1982 (Olympia)
Chalk Circle Reflections Reflections recorded 1982, released 2010 - Post Present Medium/Mississippi (Washington DC)
Deep Time Bermuda Triangle Deep Time Hardly Art 2012 (Austin)
The Beakers Figure 21 Life Elsewhere 12" Mr. Brown Records & Tapes (Seattle)
Godzuki Your Future 45 Motorway 1998 (Detroit)
Ohio It Was Evening All Afternoon 7" Westside Audio Laboratory / Peloton Records 1997 (Ann Arbor)
Les Seldoms Stop Arizona Disease 7" Subterranean 1981 (Phoenix)
New Bloods Doubles The Secret Life Kill Rock Stars 2008 (Portland OR)
Shiny Two Shiny Ritual Hate 12" Red Flame 1983 (Liverpool)
Bridge Collapse Wilderness 45 Crime On The Moon 2014 (San Francisco)
XYX Simulador Teatro Negro Monofonus Press 2012 (Monterrey MX)
Jaks Alamo Five Nine 7" EP Ethos 1993 (Ann Arbor)
The Fags My Boyfriend Is A Janitor 45 Westside Audio Labs 1996 (Ann Arbor)
Hatchet Wound Efficient 45 Sixteen Tambourines Records 2010 (Austin)
Shoes This High The Nose One Shoes This High 7" orig 1980, Siltbreeze Records reissue 2014 (Wellington NZ)
Bad Thoughts Keep It Easy (Mark Perry) 45 M'Lady's Records 2009 (Ann Arbor/Detroit)
The Petticoats Normal 45 Bla-Bla-Bla Records 1980 (London UK)
The Rats Defiance Intermittent Signals orig 1981, Mississippi Records reissue 2014 (Portland OR)
Modessa Aah The Bats / A Minor Minus 45 recorded 1999, released 2020 Jabs Records (Portland OR)
Saboten Emerald No Yamabiko (Emerald Echo) Floor Et Satie compilation recorded 1982, EM Records reissue 2013 (Tokyo)
Catherine Ribeiro Lorsque le bateau viendra Lorsque le bateau viendra 1964
Amanaz I Am Very Far Africa 1975 (2020)
Tyvek 30th Changing Patterns of Protective Coating 7" 2019
Television 1880 or So Television 1992
Magnetic Dog Burnt Tongue single 2020
The Fans Deathwish True / Deathwish 7" 1981
Tee Vee Pop Smile The Only Years 1982 (2013)
Disco Zombies Mary Millington Drums Over London comp 1980 (2011)
The Elevators Mortuary Guy A Sides B Sides comp 2019
Liquids When You Were Born You Should Have Died single 2020
Algara Potestad Para Hablar Una Cosa Más Sin Sentido Alguno Usada Para Hacer Rico Al Mismo De Siempre 2020
Rich & Famous Machine Gun Messthetics #101: D.I.Y. 77-81 London 2006
Damaged Bug In My Heart (Michael Yonkers) Bug On Yonkers 2020
Modern Art Death Wish Underwater Kites 1982
Current Affairs Buckle Up Buckle Up 7" 2019
Mission of Burma Trem Two Vs. 1982

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