The Ghoul Disco on Mon 12/21/20

freakin kitchen sink tracklist today...but ended up bumpin p hard

Artist Title Album New Local
Viagra Boys Creatures Creatures-EP
Super Unison Virus Stella
Half Japanese My Celebrity Crazy Hearts
Sweeping Promises Hunger for a Way Out Hunger for a Way Out
Games Strawberry Skies That We Can Play
Duet Emmo Heart of Hearts (Or So it Seems) Or So it Seems
Nicolas Jaar Space is only Noise if You Can See Space is Only Noise
KOMPROMAT Niemand Traum and Existenz
Special Interest, Boy Harsher Street Pulse Beat-Boy Harsher Remix
The KVB Never Enough ...Of Desire
NNHMN Education Lost Deception Island 2
Like a Motorcycle Punk Two Dead Broke
Mt. Vengeance The Highline Covered in Dust
PVA Exhaust/Surroundings Toner
Steal Sh*t Do Drugs Itch Steal Sh*t Do Drugs
Specimen Tell Tail Wet Warm Cling Film Red Velvet Crush
Martal Canterel Austerton Austerton
Profit Prison A Premonition A Premonition
Cabaret Voltaire The Power (Of Their Knowledge) Shadow of Fear
Cold Showers Tomorrow Will Come Motionless
Deep Tissue Heavenly Bodies Patience or Fear
BRONCHO Boys Got To Go Bad Behavior
Mini Dresses Fabric
The Outsiders Out of Place Close Up
The Golden Filter End of Times End of Times
Spill Gold Ectotone, Pt. 1 Highway Hypnosis
Dream Affair The Porter From Now On
Anna Domino Everyday, I Don't East and West + Live in Japan
Alexander Robotnick Computer Sourire Ce n'est qu'un d├ębut
Lord Tusk Paradise Awaits Paradise Awaits

The Ghoul Disco

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Monday 6-8pm
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