Dog Daze Radio on Fri 1/1/21

We still in a pandemic :/ Happy New Year though!

Artist Title Album New Local
Msymiakos Gunshot Dred Collective Vol 5
DJ Taye Throw Them L's Up P4: Special Stage
Jakobe Brand New Shmoney Nww Batch
Small Professor No Sleep A Jawn Supreme Vol. 1-3
SAULT Uncomfortable Untitled (Rise)
Small Professor Reflection A Jawn Supreme Vol. 1-3
Slick Rick All Alone
The Twilite Tone Do It Properly The Cleaning
Cleo Sol Young Love
Poundside Pop Dripping Again Wok and Roll
Duval Timothy Groundnut
Esta Kombucha Burps
Ayar Lux Sip Slow Vol 1
Ghostface Playa Alone Ballin Outta Control
Ghostface Playa Airy Ballin Outta Control
Amadeezy Jackavelli
On My Ones Freaky Girl
Alfred Romero Like This Subtle Hints: 007
Wardo No Hands Sip Slow Vol. 1
Sainté Champagne Shots
Swipe Half & Half
The Cut It's Love New Club Waves
Sideswipe Set It Out Tones: Green
Jiddy Down Down
Wiley Morgue (Danny Scrilla Remix)
Regal 86 Wanna Smoke Kreepin Out Da Juke EP
Andrew Diff X Juke Nukem All She Say Tones: Blue
Sinistarr Detroit BS6
The Cut Who, Who, He? New Club Waves
elan vital Shhh!
Eric Uh Silver
Seba Kaapstad www
Foisey. Inspirit
MF DOOM Doomsdaay Operation: Doomsday

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