everything i own is broken or bent on Thu 10/22/09

Artist Title Album New
Landed dirty bomb Liver + Lungs
the menthols miracle slip miracle ep
pere ubu heart of darkness ubu live volume 1
the intelligence the world is a drag boredom and terror
Box Elders atlantis Alice and Friends
dan melchior und das menace obscured by fuzz obscured by fuzz
Vivian Girls i have no fun Everything Goes Wrong
mutators i want a mind kill me
mutators normal eyes kill me
odd clouds reallly long song deceiving illusion
bhopal stiffs not just my head 1985-1989
tyvek give it up fast metabolism
Mission Of Burma one day well live there The Sound The Speed The Light
wipers lets go away is this real?
bassholes or was it just a dream long way blues/1996-1998
flipper life generic
retainers sick of searching retainers
Eddy Current Suppression Ring insufficient funds S/t
Inbred, The satan youth Legacy Of Fertility
wipers doom town over the edge
rodan milk and melancholy how the winter was passed
Vivian Girls tension Everything Goes Wrong
Work pariah Never Forgive
Little Claw colors you drown Human Taste

everything i own is broken or bent

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"everything i own is broken or bent", broadcasting whenever we feelz like it. we aim primarily for contemporary anthems for disagreeable persons. we operate without a plan and we do it under the guise of "free format radio". please tune in.