Pretentious Film Majors on Thu 10/29/09

On this week's show...

Ben discusses the new Michael Jackson music documentary This Is It (gives it 4 stars on our 5 star scale).

We talk about The Boondock Saints (a film which is ten years old this year).

Play our interview with Troy Duffy, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Norman Reedus (catch the video of our interview here:

We countdown our Top 5 Vigilante Movies:

Ben -
5. Kill Bill
4. Robin Hood: Men in Tights
3. Hard Candy
2. The Punisher
1. V for Vendetta

Corwyn -
5. Dirty Harry
4. Man On Fire
3. The Dark Knight
2b. The Protector
2a. Taken
1. The Boondock Saints

Zach -
5. The Dark Knight
4. Running Scared
3. Man On Fire
2. Oldboy
1. Memento

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Artist Title Album New
Yo Gabba Gabba Party In My Tummy Music Is...Awesome!
The Shins It's OK, Try Again Music Is...Awesome!
Biz Markie Biz's Beat of the Day #1 Music Is...Awesome!
Chromeo Nice 'N' Clean Music Is...Awesome!
The Roots Lovely, Love My Family Music Is...Awesome!
Of Montreal Brush Brush Brush Music Is...Awesome!
The Dead Milkmen Punk Rock Girl Death Rides A Pale Cow: The Ultimate Collection
Say Anything A Walk Through Hell Menorah/Majora

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