everything i own is broken or bent on Thu 11/5/09

fuck new york

Artist Title Album New
Vivian Girls i have no fun Everything Goes Wrong
the menthols rats & insects miracle slips ep
Cloak/Dagger dead idols Lost Art
fnu ronnies watchful eye fnu ronnies cdr
the estranged don't they know static thoughts
heavy times good looker heavy times
Kurt Vile hunchback Childish Prodigy
the low budgets need the weed live on wkdu 9/3/2000
woven bones minus touch minus touch 12"
Reigning Sound break it Love and Curses
circle seven i woke up suburban hope 12"
burning airlines sweet deals on surgery mission: control!
Landed fuck seatbelts, fuck ralph nader Liver + Lungs
Thomas Function adp blues In The Valley Of Sickness
Factorymen alleyman Shitman
Times New Viking move to california Born Again Revisited
factums see inside flowers
brave new world initiation initiation 12"
brave new world 3 days after initiation initiation 12"
Vivian Girls survival Everything Goes Wrong
dead silence gods for a day stress 12"
northern liberties national anthem (for birds) ghost mind electricity
the dead c mordant heaven the operation of the sonne
Mission Of Burma possession The Sound The Speed The Light
Cococoma alright, alright, alright Things Are Not All Right
killdozer going to the beach intellectuals are the shoe shine boys of the ruling elite

everything i own is broken or bent

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