Knight-Majik on Sun 11/29/09

Artist Title Album New
Yellowjackets Seven Stars Greenhouse
Charles Fambrough Don Quixote The Proper Angle
Onaje Allan Gumbs Batuki That Special Part Of Me
Dave Holland Quartet The Oracle Extensions
Caldera Rain Forest Dreamer
George Duke Sister Serene Three Originals
DKD No Time Future Music Vol12
Kaidi Tatham Could I Ever Know? In Search Of Hope
4Hero Naima The GooDgOOd
Stephane Attias Brazilian Fight Song The Nu Jazz Generation II
Incognito Port Louis (United Future Organization Remix Future Remixed
Neon Phusion F/ Brown Sugar It's Another Music & Movement 2
Greg Osby Streetjazz 3-D Lifestyles
The 24-Carat Black The Best Of Good Love Gone Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday
Leroy Hutson Closer To The Source Closer To The Source
James Vincent Space Traveler DSJ Volume 22
Sylvester Thinking Right DSJ Volume 5
Herbie Hancock Trust Me Feet's Don't Fail Me Now
Lonnie Liston Smith Singing For Love Exotic Mysteries
The Treacherous Three At The Party (Instrumental) First Generation Rap : Vol. 2-Old School
Metropolitan Jazz Affair Fourmi Rouge Bird Of Spring
Mika Arisaka Nostalgic Eyes (Sunaga T Experience) Aquantum
Dreemtime Rising Dreamy
Rhonda Smith Ray of Light RS2
Innerzone Orchestra People Make the World Go Round (KDJ Remix) Innerzone Orchestra
Christian Hornbostel invites Rey Salinero Reflexions Bar Lounge Classics-The Chill Out Edition
Maxayn Love Is Near Mindful
Buddy Miles Down By the River Buddy Miles Live
Perri Alone Celebrate!
Perri No Place To Go Flight
Pauline London Love Can Sing Nu Note Lounge Festival 2008
Kabanjak Gypsy Soul (Ancient Astronauts Remix) Bar Lounge Classics-The Chill Out Edition
Karen Briggs Little Sunflower Soulchestral Groove
Curtis Mayfield Superfly (Little Louie Vega Eol Mix Mayfield: Remixed - The Curtis Mayfield Collection
Mandrill Symphonic Revolution Mandrill
Santana One with the Sun Borboletta
Landau Orchestra/4hero Conceptions Extensions
Isabelle Antena Brazilian Dorian Dream French Riviera
1Luv Daylight [Slope Remix] Slope Is Dope
Only Child F/AMP Fiddler U Bring Me Vibes American Rag CIE


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Knight-Majik, a blend of jazz, acid-jazz, Fusion, funk and soulful house. Music for those with a discerning ear, and are ready for something different with Al Knight and Perry McCotter Jr.