The Penn(sylvania) Fifteen Club on Tue 12/1/09

Artist Title Album New
Make Me Do You Ever Wish You Could Breathe Underware Make Me/Black Juju Split
Everyone Everywhere Talk Talk Talk Talk Pants
Tigers Jaw Plane vs Tank vs Submarine Tigers Jaw
Slingshot Dakota Waiting Room Demo #3
Little Kingdoms Captial Home The Willow EP
Lana Avacada The Warehouse The Warehouse
The Spinning Leaves The Promontory Love Love
Espers I Can't See Clear III
Spit On A Stranger Letters to Camu Spit On A Stranger
Boy Problems I Swallowed A Bug Summer Tour EP
Algernon Cadwallader Serial Killer Status Some Kind Of Cadwallader
1994! New Holland 1995 Thank You Arms and Fingers
Don Caballero Loudest Shop-Vac In The World Live on WKDU
Man Overboard Montrose Dalhia
Balance and Composure Waiting, Thinking, Giving Up I Just Want To Be Pure

The Penn(sylvania) Fifteen Club

This program is not on the schedule.
The Penn(sylvania) Fifteen Club; specializing in nothing but music from the good old Penn. Guaranteed to not be what your ivy league neighbors listen too, either!

The Penn(sylvania) Fifteen Club: Only for bands that live and work in Pennsylvania. Keep it strong, PA.