everything i own is broken or bent on Thu 12/3/09

some serious stomping going on upstairs. stomp.

Artist Title Album New
Landed blow your burger Liver + Lungs
Vivian Girls survival Everything Goes Wrong
Jawbox chicago piano For Your Own Special Sweetheart (Reissue)
puffy areolas lutzko lives lutzko lives ep
the pop group rob a bank for how much longer do we tolerate mass murder?
Kurt Vile hunchback Childish Prodigy
Eddy Current Supression Ring having a hard time S/t
Seizures, The voice to skull Exterminating Angel
hulk smash red planet the hulk smash album
hulk smash black bear the hulk smash album
Frat Dad greg the nerd Greg the Nerd EP
wrangler brutes you blew it "cassette"
Thomas Function no end in sight In The Valley Of Sickness
Devil Eyes rip my heart out S/t
Lightning Bolt the sublime freak Earthly Delights
bassholes the way i came ...and without a name
Times New Viking move to california Born Again Revisited
Dangerbird alien + cop Homestead

everything i own is broken or bent

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