Bittersweet Agony on Sat 12/5/09

Got a request for Melvins that I was unable to fulfill due to below. Sorry!

Show cut short due to broadcast of Drexel Basketball game...

Artist Title Album New
Rise and Fall Soul Slayer Our Circle is Vicious
Converge Wishing Well Axe To Fall
Gallows Leeches Grey Britain
Glassjaw Ry Ry's Song Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence
Narrows Newly Restored New Distances
Doomriders Come Alive Darkness Come Alive
Boots With Spurs The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters The Sun Never Sets On Andy Griffith Pt. 1 & These Boots Were Made For Moonwalking

Bittersweet Agony

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  • Saturday 12-3pm
Prog Rock, Sludge Metal, Instrumental, Experimental. Let's experience the beauty of musically-induced melancholy together. Tune in with Ebonie and expand your horizon.
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